The Power of Effective Copywriting

I believe business relationships should be long ones. That´s why offering maximum value to you is my priority. I understand the success of your business depends on it. Your welfare may depend on it. And so may that of your employees. The responsibility involved isn´t to be taken lightly. My passion for writing persuasive copy is further fuelled by this. I want our relationship to be of mutual benefit. I want your business to grow and prosper. Just like you want people´s lives to be enriched by them using your product or service. After all business is the science of giving value to people. That´s why we give our hard-earned cash in return. Read more

Direct Marketing Miscues: How to Survive A Catastrophic Campaign (We All Have Them Right?)

There are some truly horrendous marketing disasters – one catalogue marketer who accidentally provided their fulfilment house with the wrong list and mailed a big elaborate expensive mailing to their leads and low frequency purchasers, sending them broke. Read more

Direct Mail Mastery: 3 Ways To Use Direct Mail More Effectively In Your Business. (Yes You!)

Direct mail has been and possibly forever will be the workhorse of direct response marketing and of smart marketers.

Dan Kennedy has advocated that if he was ever going to be limited to a single media, then direct mail would be the one he would choose. I think that is a reasonable assessment. It isn’t glamorous the way that TV advertising or internet marketing is but direct mail is where fortunes are made. Read more

Trade Show Survival Tips

When you arrive and set up at your first trade show, it’s exciting it can even be an adrenaline rush! You’re here to promote your company, share your product, and network. And trade shows can, in fact, be a great experience and a lot of fun. However, they also mean long hours and some challenging situations to overcome. The following pointers will help you survive your trade show and have a great time in the process! Read more