More, More, More!

A gentleman named Jeffrey Gittlemore created something called he calls the More, More, More rule, and I believe it’s quite brilliant. Here’s how it works: The more you believe, the more you will achieve and the more you will sell. That makes a lot of sense, right? The more you believe in what you’re selling and the more value you provide to others, the more people will come to know and respect you, and the more they’ll reward you with their business. The more enthusiastic you are, the more you will sell — there’s no question about that. Read more

Proven Ways to Get More Profits From Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of the most profitable ways to market, though it’s also one of the most expensive. If you’re thinking about doing direct mail marketing, whether you’ve done it before or this is your very first time, you’ve got to consider a few things in advance. What is your budget? What is your target market? What’s the competition doing? Needless to say, you want to promote something a little different and a lot better. Read more

Direct Marketing Mastery: I’ve Got A Winning Promotion, Now What?

Sometimes the only thing worse than failure is success – just cos you don’t know what to do next – a new problem. Dan Kennedy talks about when you come across a successful product or promotion you leverage it for all it is worth – to do otherwise angers the gods. Read more