Are You Leaving Big Money On The Table?

As small business owners one of the most uncomfortable things we must do is ASK for the business. This is something I believe small business owners, myself included, make a BIG DEAL out of when it really should be a simple and comfortable part of business for us. It’s also an area where I believe many small business owners leave big money on the table. Are you always asking for the business when you are having a sales conversation?

Recently I was at a big business conference. I met and spent a lot of time with several business owners and was interested in working with a handful of them. During the conference as we discussed our businesses I tried very hard to get out of my comfort zone and let the other business owners know that I would love to work with them on their business and would love to be their business coach. On the last day of the conference one business owner and I were walking together to get a coffee on break and as we waited in line she told me how she would like another pair of eyes to help her with her marketing plan. As we continued our discussion she kindly said to me… “Lisa, this is where you need to ask me to work with you.” You see I was so caught up in our conversation I had totally missed the signals she was giving me. Lucky for me this business owner let me know that she had a desire to work with me, but it really made me wonder how much money I’d have left on the table (or have left on the table in the past) if she had not said anything. Read more

The Ingredients to a Happy Designer-Client Relationship

A relationship doesn’t always start in a good way. Sometimes, you get off on the wrong foot or your first impression wasn’t how you planned it to be. In the professional arena, you don’t have the leisure to ruin one’s reputation by personal judgment towards others, so in the end we have to always be positive and keep the relations light. Sometimes, designers are thought of as bossy and perfectionists, making the client’s prejudgement a negative one already, so it’s good if you prove them wrong by giving them a good long-lasting professional relationship. This kind of relationship doesn’t just grow on trees– it needs to be honed and taken care of day by day, and it should be done by both parties. The ingredients to a happy relationship between a designer and a client is simple, but it always depends on the person’s willingness to take part in the collaboration. Read more

Meir Ezra Is An Active Public Speaker

To succeed in the fast-paced life today, a person must be encouraged and have perseverance. However, everyone wants to go forward and some want to start their search at an early stage. But then because of circumstances or other matters, many will feel lost and do not know where to turn. In situations like this, Meir Ezra will help you to encourage or inspire you. Read more

Algorates – Gold Rush

With the current economic mess, there are many investors around the world who are looking for other ways to make money by investing in real estate, stocks, bonds and currencies. However, gold is one of the most popular investments. This is because, gold has become the only commodity that remains stable over time, untouched by politics, crisis, mismanagement or delusion, and it is the element most beat throughout the United States. Read more

Before You Begin Building A Membership Site

A basic WordPress installation, plus some basic text-based content, should take up less than 100 MB of space on your host’s server. However, unless you know you won’t be taking up that much space, I’d recommend going with at least 250 MB of space. This gives your site room to grow, and to store lesson content. I do not recommend going with a host who offers you “unlimited space.” Remember, they’re offering that to each and every one of their other customers too, and some of them are going to take as much space as possible. More importantly, they will also take the computing power of that server, leaving you with a slow-running site. Read more